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Dear patients, internet customers and resellers:

My name is Dr. Kevin Lam, I'm a podiatric physician in practice in Naples, FL.   

I have developed the natural / organic products here to be used to aid in your condition.   Jump start your health and well being.   I am so confident in my products that I will give you back your money if you don't like it without a question.  

Dr. Lam Labs, LLC came out of a vision.   A vision of quality / natural products for the patients of the Family Foot and Leg Center in Naples, Florida.  The demand for the products far exceeded our patient base and requests have been made for non patients to benefit from our line of products.    

The natural products are not meant to be a cure or to be used as medicine by any means.   You should always work with your physician in all matters related to your health.  The health foods and products that is available here will aid your quest for a health lifestyle. 

Clinical Director
Named Amongst America's Top Podiatrists
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 By choosing Dr. Lam Labs,LLC you have continued assurance that only our on-going testing programs can provide. 

Unlike other programs, NSF conducts annual audits at our facility and periodically retests each dietary supplement product to ensure continued compliance against the toughest testing standards in existence today.


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No risk, money back guarantee if you don't like our products, return the product with receipt to get your money back, no questions asked. 

Physician formulated dietary supplement.  

This supplement is by no means a substitute for proper care and follow-up by a physician.

This is NOT a treatment but a nutritional supplement to help with symptoms. 

Natural ingredients used in simple pill form, all of the natural ingredients have been used to help symptoms of arthritis.   Ingredients to sooth symptoms include a proprietary blend of the following: 

  • Turmeric Root 
  • Senna Leaf 
  • Ginger root
  • Black Pepper Extract 

Simple, Natural and together with a proper diet and physician's care will aid in your total care.

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition in which the nerves of the feet and/or legs do not function properly.

Thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency is a well known cause of peripheral neuropathy. Diabetics and non-diabetics alike may be thiamine deficient.

If you have tingling, numbness, sharp pains and/or burning pains to the feet, legs and/or hands you may be thiamine deficient.

Reversing thiamine deficiency is a well known and often highly successful way to nutritionally manage peripheral neuropathy.

In addition to the thiamine derivative listed above, NeurX has B12, DHEA and Alpha Lipoic Acid to strengthen the effects and the results have been wonderful.

Meant to be taken twice a day. This is a natural supplement and not meant to take the place of medications by your physician.   Always seek professional advice for your condition.

Coral Calcium Complex: physician's  formula offers a synergistic way to satisfy the body's thirst for natural elemental calcium, nutrient rich ionic trace minerals and essential vitamins. 

Everyday stresses including environmental pollution, improper diet, lack of exercise and daily tension can increase the body's acidity, thus altering the healthy pH balance and reducing the body's natural defenses.

Okinawan Coral Calcium can help neutralize harmful acid and restore a natural, healthy, alkaline pH and strengthen bones and teeth.

Our Coral Calcium Physician's coral calcium formula contains premium grade, 100% pure, ionized bioavailable coral calcium selected from the waters of Okinawa, Japan. 

Our Coral Calcium Complex  formulation is  easy to swallow, readily absorbable, and easy assimilated by the body to help maintain an alkaline pH and encourage good overall health.

Joint Smoother
with Omega

A powerful joint support complex which contains Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, Manganese, Omega 3,6,9, Vitamins C and E.

It helps repair and regenerate worn joint tissue.

Omega-3 fatty acids also help support healthy joints, joint flexibility and range of motion.

Neutrapeutic Sea Soaks

The waters of the Dead Sea have been known for their therapeutic and beautifying effects.

The water from the Dead Sea contains a unique chemical composition not found in the normal sea water. Dead Sea salt makes up 27% of the water, as opposed to other bodies of salt water that contain a mere 3% salt.

Dead Sea salt is extremely rich in minerals and it is the high mineral content that results in many of the benefits Dead Sea salt provides.

To be used as an adjunct for the treatment of fungal feet and nails. Soak your feet or hands in lukewarm water with a capful of the dead sea salt.  Soothes your skin and helps to loosen unwanted organisms from your skin.

Neutrea Soap

Organic proprietary blend of tea tree oil and other essential oils to sooth and cleanse the skin. 

Tea tree oil is an essential oil with a long history of traditional use.

It is rich in components called terpenoids, which have been found to have effective antiseptic and antifungal properties.

To be used as an adjunct for the treatment of fungal feet and nails.

Pain Aid Cream
Champion Strength

Just what the doctor ordered for diabetics with neuropathic pain.  

Athletes with sore joints  and muscles.  

Massage and physical therapists for cooling then warming up tissue after therapy.


Menthol, camphor, capsicum, ginger, essential oils, kosher vegetable glycerin, witch hazel, aloe

Our Guarantee

Our commitment is to provide you with the ultimate line of products and supplements. And whenever we create a new product, we invest hundreds of hours of laboratory research and testing. That way we know you will get the best health products that will aid your quest for a healthy lifestyle.

DrLamLabs products are the same every time: high quality, high-grade products you can trust.

We are proud to announce that our lab has been awarded NSF Certification which satisfies the GMP for Dietary Supplements.

NSF developed and maintains the only accredited American National Standard to certify dietary supplements, NSF/ANSI Standard 173.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (239) 430-3668 (FOOT)

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Thank you for the opportunity to share our excellent product line with you!

We are proud to announce that our lab has been awarded NSF Certification which satisfies the GMP for Dietary Supplements.

NSF developed and maintains the only accredited American National Standard to certify dietary supplements, NSF/ANSI Standard 173.

This program is part of NSF's successful 60-year history of providing certification programs for food, water and consumer goods.

NSF is the only independent, not-for-profit testing organization offering true product testing of dietary supplements.